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HLAA KY Chapters May 2021 Meeting Recording - "InnoCaption App For Mobile Devices"

In this video-meeting presentation by InnoCaption, Matt Goncalves (Director of Marketing) and Cristina Duarte (Director of Regulatory Affairs) describe the most recent update to their company's app product for both iphone and Android devices to improve accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Please CLICK on the following link: HLAA KY Chapters May 2021 Meeting

HLAA KY Chapters April 2021 Meeting Recording - "Auditory Rehabilitation"

The following virtual presentation was provided by audiology students from the University of Louisville on Tuesday 13th April 2021. Please CLICK on the following link: HLAA KY Chapters April 2021 Meeting

HLAA KY Home Chapter February 2021 Meeting Recording - Cochlear Implant Forum 

In this virtual forum video recording, members who currently have a cochlear implant talked about their hearing loss, their decision to get an implant, and their experiences since. The forum provided a great opportunity for people to learn more about cochlear implants from a consumer viewpoint. Present at the forum were members with implants representing all three CI providers. At the same time, manufacturer representatives were present, and an audiologist in the background to answer questions if needed. The forum provided a  practical approach to learn more about cochlear implants from the perspective of a consumer, allowing participants to discuss their experiences and ask real time questions to CI providers and representatives. If you are contemplating having a cochlear implant, please take the time to listen to this captioned video recording presentation: HLAA KY Home Chapter February 2021 CI Forum

HLAA Kentuckiana Chapter February 2021 Meeting Recording - "The Work Of Little Ears Hearing Center At Open Arms Children's Health" - A Presentation By Dr. Shelley Moats (Pediatric Audiologist)

Dr. Shelley Moats is a pediatric audiologist, and Director of Audiology, of Little Ears Hearing Center at Open Arms Children’s Health (located on the campus of Home of the Innocents in Louisville). She is the only Board Certified Pediatric Audiologist in the state of KY. Dr. Moats has over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive, family-focused pediatric audiology services. She is active on several committees to promote quality pediatric audiology services at both the state and national level. Please CLICK on the following link: HLAA Kentuckiana Chapter February 2021 Meeting

HLAA KY Home Chapter January 2021 Meeting Recording - "Your Heart And Hearing Loss: Links Between Cardiovascular Issues And Hearing Loss"

In this presentation, Dr. Casey Rutledge Roof AuD., CCC-A, an audiologist at ENT, Audiology, and Speech Pathology
University of Louisville Physicians, discusses the outcome of several research studies that demonstrates a link between the early onset of presbycusis (the loss of hearing that gradually occurs in most individuals as they grow older) and cardiovascular disease. Please CLICK on the following link: 
HLAA KY Home Chapter January 2021 Meeting

HLAA Kentuckiana Chapter January 2021 Meeting Recording - "An Update From Virginia Moore (Executive Director KCDHH)

Virginia has been with the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH) since 1995, serving first as the Executive Director’s Interpreter, then as State Interpreter Administrator before being appointed as Executive Director in 2009. Born into a socially active deaf family, she has been shaped by the culture and language. Virginia graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and holds several interpreter certifications, including National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Master Certification, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) CI/CT Certification and a National Interpreter Certification (NIC). In addition to her duties as Executive Director, Virginia also coordinates the biennial DeaFestival-Kentucky event, presented by KCDHH and the Knowledge Center on Deafness. Please CLICK on the following link: HLAA Kentuckiana Chapter January 2021 Meeting

HLAA KY Home Chapter October 2020 Meeting Recording - "Have You Ever Thought About Having A Hearing/Mobility Assistance Dog?"

Hearing Assistance Dogs are taught fifty skills and can perform two hundred tasks. Mobility dogs can open and close doors as well as retrieve and carry small items. Hearing dogs are trained to respond to household sounds such as a ringing telephone, appliance buzzers, smoke and security alarms, doorbells, a crying child, sirens or any other sounds that the client needs. Since many  people with hearing loss have balance and mobility issues, they can request a dog trained in both areas. Please CLICK on the following link to view a recording of a videomeeting about hearing/mobility assistance dogs hosted by HLAA KY Home Chapter: HLAA KY Home Chapter October 2020 Meeting


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