Let's Team Up
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What Is Teaming Up?

We know that one of the hallmarks of having a hearing loss is the feeling of isolation. People naturally withdraw from others and activities. This is compounded when people are also older and are no longer in the workforce. And yet, as we know, a sense of connection and community is absolutely vital as we age to keep loneliness and dementia at bay.

This section is here to provide a forum for hard of hearing people to formally or informally make 'team-up' requests to each other, whether it be by email, telephone or personal meet-up to discuss and/or take part in common interests. For example, 2 people or a small group of people or even a large group might decide to meet over coffee or lunch and explore their similar interests. These interests might range from subjects such as Organic Gardening, Biking Vacations, Baking Without Sugar, Book Club, Eating Out - the range is endless. You choose!

How to Send In and Respond to a Team-Up Request!

All you have to do is write a small article about what subject area you are interested in and email your details to LetsTeamUp@hearinglosskentucky.org. We will then include your article within this section for our readers to see. Be sure to include your contact details so that we have a means of sending you the details of those readers expressing an interest to make contact with you. 

Please note: Your contact details will never be published on this website and will only be used by the Chapter to make contact with you directly. The Chapter will provide you with the contact details of all interested readers and it will be left up to you if you wish to contact them or not.

Example Team-Up Request...
I am a young-at-heart person, with a significant hearing loss, that finds it hard to attend meetings that consist of lots of people, due to my hearing loss. But, I'm also a very social person. Aside from that, I find it disheartening to feel isolated from get-together groups because of my inability to hear. I used to go to Bible Studies and attend some meetings, and so have recently been looking for a small group - one that may have a similar interest (or even more than one) and would be willing to get together periodically and just share thoughts and ideas. I love to read books, play computer games and actually I just like to be with other adults who realize the limitations of being hearing impaired. If there are any individuals who also have been looking for someone to just talk with about common interests maybe once a week, or once every other week for a couple of hours, I would love to get in touch and try it. I can be contacted at LetsTeamUp@hearinglosskentucky.org.


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