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Bella's Bill Now Passed Into Law

All Kentucky newborns will be screened for a viral infection that causes childhood deafness and other health issues. Gov. Andy Beshear recently signed Senate Bill 105 into law Thursday. It's named after 3-year-old Bella Dawn Streeval who was diagnosed with CMV, which is short for cytomegalovirus. Bella died two years ago and her mother led the effort to get the bill passed. Please CLICK on the following link for more details: Bella's Law

Kentucky Legislation Important Links

In order to keep our readers up to date on current legislation that impact the deaf and hard of hearing communities in Kentucky, we have included the following links that will allow free subscription access to receive alerts of important bills and Active Regulations (KARs), as well as to track their progress. Other information such as "Who Is My Legislator" and seeing what others are doing at a national level is also included: 

Bill Watch: On this Kentucky.gov site,  an individual can register for free and set up alerts in order to be notified about bills, as well as being able to track their progress: Bill Watch: 

RegWatch: On this Kentucky.gov site, an individual can track administrative regulations (KARs) by just signing up. Once  signed up, it allows the individual to select who he/she wants to receive regulation updates/new ones from eg. Education, Workforce Development. Each and every agency and cabinet is in there, and the individual can sign up for as many as required: RegWatch

Kentucky General Assembly Website: This website holds a lot of useful information. Right now, an indivual can go to this site and click on bills, look at all of the 2020 Regular Session Prefiled bills by date, senate/house sponsor, or by index: Kentucky General Assembly Website

LegiScan: This is a national website. It is always interesting to see what others are doing at the national level and see what they report we, in Kentucky, are doing: LegiScan


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