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Hearing Loss News From The UK...

It is always good to connect with others and share experiences and advice, including from our friends 'across the pond' in the United Kingdom who also suffer hearing loss. Please CLICK on the following link to find out more: From Friends Across the Pond!

Get To Know The 'SayWhatClub' (SWC)

SayWhatClub is an on-line group of circa 400 late-deafened, hard of hearing and deaf adults and other interested people who provide support and encouragement to each other through e-mail. Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: SayWhatClub

The Canadian Hard Of Hearing Association (CHHA)

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s vision is to inspire and empower Canadians impacted by hearing loss. Please CLICK on the following link to learn more: CHHA


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