The Kentucky Home Chapter of Hearing Loss

Association of America



The name of this organization is the Kentucky Home Chapter of Hearing Loss Association of America, Bardstown, KY 40004. The Kentucky Home Chapter is an affiliate of the parent organization, Hearing Loss Association of America, Incorporated. This Chapter will be referred to as The KY Home Chapter or HLAA-KY Home.


The KY Home Chapter is a volunteer organization of people who have a hearing loss, their relatives, friends, associates, supporters and business contacts. It is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, self-help, educational organization devoted to the welfare and interests of those who have a hearing loss but are committed to participating in the hearing world.

The Objectives of the HLAA-KY Home are to:

A.Encourage identification of the people within the community who have a hearing loss]

B.Provide education and support for them, their families, and friends on how best to cope with hearing loss issues

C.Foster programs and solutions aimed at alleviating the daily obstacles and challenges of a person who has a hearing loss.

D.Engage in free and open communication with all concerned in finding a common basis of fellowship and understanding.

E.Assist with and support community education regarding hearing loss.

F.Advocate for people with a hearing loss whenever possible.


The Functions of this Organization shall be to:

A.Promote programs designed to integrate people who have a hearing loss into all aspects of society.

B.Come together in fellowship, empathy and concern based on common experiences.

C.Provide and exchange information relating to the nature, complications and possible remedies of hearing loss.

D.Encourage and provide information to other groups to enable them to organize and serve.

E.Represent people who have a hearing loss before state and other organizational and voluntary groups, the media and the general public.

F.Develop educational and social programs and activities for adults and children who have a hearing loss.


A person applying for Voting Membership in the HLAA-KY Home Chapter must apply for membership in Hearing Loss Association of America and register his/her membership number with the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

Provisions for Membership:

A.Membership is open to any person interested in the Objectives and Functions of the organization, and the Functions and Objectives of the local and national organizations.

B.Rights of members HLAA KY Home members:

1.To hold any office in the local and national organization when duly elected or appointed; to make and/or amend motions and vote on them.

2.To serve on committees.

3.To serve as a delegate to national conventions.

4.To participate in all discussions concerning the chapter.

5.To present a grievance.


Voting membership is reserved for those who provide the secretary with


their HLAA membership number and have attended at least two (2) regular


chapter meetings.



D.It is understood that non-members may still participate in all other activities of the Chapter.


Rules of Conduct:

A.The KY Home Chapter shall be governed by these bylaws and those of the national organization.

B.The chapter shall meet twelve (12) times per year; at least eight (8) of these meetings will be educational in nature.

C.Regular meetings shall be held at agreed upon time and place. (Currently the meetings are on the fourth Monday at the Nelson Co. Public Library at 6:30 p.m.)

D.At least four (4) members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for

conducting business at regular meetings, and will constitute a meeting membership for voting purposes. (This number is subject to change to 51 % of the listed members of the Governing Committee or at least 10 members at a full membership meeting.)

E.There may be more than one type of meeting: Speakers, Business, Dinner, Sign Language Practice, Board

F.Voting may occur at a Speakers, Business, Governing Committee or Dinner Meeting or on line/U.S.Mail. Whenever possible, the Governing Committee Chair will announce via the internet, web site, or news letter that a vote on an issue is planned.

G.The Governing Committee shall meet at least two times per year. Other meetings may be conducted via the internet.

ARTICLE VI – Governing Committee

Titles and Duties:


1.Officers of The Kentucky Home Chapter shall be Governing Committee Chair and Treasurer. These officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the members for a term of one (1) year. They may be re-elected for an additional year. No individual will hold the same office for more than two years.

2.The Governing Committee shall consist of volunteers not to exceed ten (10) members and not less than four members.

3.These Volunteers will take on the traditional roles of Vice-Chair, Secretary, Editor, Web Master, Committee Chairs, etc either as a group or as individuals.

5.Elections are to be held via e-mail or U.S. Mail prior to our August meeting. Results shall be announced at the annual meeting in September.

6.In the event of an emergency, the Governing Committee can call for a new election or appoint a temporary Chair/Treasurer.

B.Duties: (Note all duties and offices except for the Chair and the

Treasurer may be accomplished by the Governing Committee as a group or by individuals appointed by consensus)


a.Shall preside at all meetings of the membership and Governing Committee.

b.Shall coordinate with chairpersons of all committees.

c.Ex officio nonvoting member of all committees.

d.Shall monitor and report activities of KCDHH

e.Shall represent the Chapter at local civic meetings

f.Shall assist Governing Committee Members responsible for obtaining Speakers for meetings.

g.Shall speak for the Chapter.

h.Shall maintain rules and regulations in accordance with National’s requirements.

i.Shall co-sign all checks with the Treasurer.

2.Vice-Chair: Appointed by consensus of the Governing Committee

a.Shall assist the president in all of his/her duties.

b.Shall temporarily perform the duties of the president when he/she is absent or disabled.

c.Ex officio non voting member of all committees.

See page 56 of the chapter manual




Appointed by consensus of the Governing Committee



Shall keep minutes of all membership and Governing



Committee meetings.



Shall handle all correspondence.



Maintain the membership list with the editor.



Maintain an attendance list for voting purposes and



determination of membership.



Maintain e-mail/group list with the Web-master.



Maintain all chapter records not specifically assigned



to someone else.



Maintain a record of all voting at meetings.

See page 57 of the chapter manual




Appointed by a general membership vote.



Shall maintain all records of all receipts and disburse-






Shall make reports of the financial condition at



member-ship and governing board meetings when






Shall provide an annual report if requested.



Shall submit regular monthly summaries (Financial



reports) for the newsletter.



Shall co-sign checks with the President.

f. Shall report payments for Newsletter to the Editor.

g. Shall have an internal audit yearly.

h. At the discretion of the Board or when income/disbursements warrant, shall have an external audit at least every two years.

i. Shall coordinate all records with National’s Controller.



Shall complete a 990-EZ or other required Tax form



yearly. (It is important to demonstrate to



Grantors that we have a record of good



bookkeeping and citizenship even if it is not






Shall deposit all income and valuable effects in the



name of HLAA-KY Home at depositories



designated by the Governing Committee.

See page 58 of the chapter manual




Appointed by consensus of the Governing Committee

a.Shall edit the newsletter.

b.Shall distribute the newsletter via the internet and/or the U.S. Mail.

c.Shall assist the Secretary in maintaining an accurate membership list.

d..Shall maintain Kentucky Home’s e-mail list.

e.Shall maintain and coordinate a U.S. Mail Newsletter list with the Treasurer.

8.Webmaster: Appointed by consensus of the Governing Committee

a.Shall maintain the Chapter’s Website

b.Shall coordinate with National on all Website issues.

9.Committee Chairs: Appointed by Chair

a.Shall report all Committee activities to the Chair.

b.Shall report Committee activities to the Membership through the newsletter and meetings.

10.Chapter Historian.

Maintaining a written documentation of the

Chapter History and activities is important.


Composition and Duties:

A.The governing board shall consist of up to ten (10) volunteers from the general membership with a consensus from the general membership if needed.

B.The Governing Committee shall meet two times per year and as the Committee deems necessary and the general membership shall be advised of the Committee meeting prior to holding this meeting. The Committee may choose to meet via the internet.

C.A quorum shall be a simple majority present or responding.

D.The Governing Committee shall make recommendations to the general membership for all matters concerning vacancies, removals and other business that require resolution.

E.The Board shall respond to issues of the budget as directed below.

F.In general most business of the chapter will be conducted by the Governing Committee. However, a minority of three (3) members can move a topic to the general membership.



A.A sub-committee for nominations shall be appointed by the chair to present the slate of nominees for elected office, at the regular meeting prior to the election. This slate will also be listed within the Chapter Newsletter prior to the election. Elections shall take place via e-mail/U.S. Post and results announced at our August meeting.

BAny member in good standing may be nominated from the floor or e-mail, prior to or during June and July meetings.

C.The Chair and Treasurer shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the membership.

D.Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote



A.Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern the conduct of (all) meetings of the membership and the governing board when they are not in conflict with the local and national bylaws. In general meetings shall be informal except when conducting business or good order requires more formality.



A.Amendments may be proposed by motion of any member in good standing at any regular meeting. If the motion is seconded and passed all members shall be notified of the proposed amendment at least ten (10) days prior to the next scheduled meeting. Approval of any amendment shall require a two-thirds majority vote at the scheduled meeting. Methods of member notification may be within the newsletter or by other means of written notice sent to each member.

{All amendments shall be approved by two-thirds of members voting via e-mail/U.S. mail}



A.The fiscal year of the chapter shall be the same as that of the national office.

B.The annual financial report shall be audited as directed by the Governing Committee.

C.There shall be no dues assessed. Fees for specific services may be assessed. Donations are encouraged.

D.In the event that the Chapter dissolves or ceases to function all remaining funds and assets shall be given to the national office.

E.A Budget will be presented to the membership each February by the Governing Committee.

F..The Chair and Treasurer are authorized to pay all budget items without

further approval of the membership.

G.The Chair and Treasurer may present a revised budget to the Committee at any time.

H.It is suggested/requested that chapter participants make a voluntary

donation of at least $10 each year.

L. Members who receive the newsletter by post must contribute a fee as assigned by the board. As an example the current fee is $10 per year for mailing costs.



A.Individual members, or a group of members shall have the right to present signed or unsigned grievances for action and decision by the Committee. Written grievances shall be presented to the Chair.

B.Grievances shall be included in the agenda for the next Committee meeting. If it is agreed that they should be pursued, the chair shall appoint a committee of three (3) to serve as a grievance committee and to make an investigation and present a written report on its findings at the next meeting.

C.The Chair and the Treasurer shall not serve on a grievance committee.

D.Approval of the grievance committees recommendation shall be binding except that the action may be appealed in writing to the executive committee of the national office within sixty (60) days.


See page 73

II.Recommended Committee or activities of the Governing Committee:

A.Program Committee

The role of this committee is to plan a Speaker Meeting Calendar. and procure a speaker. This may also be accomplished in a discussion by the Governing Committee with volunteers accepting responsibility for a monthly meeting

B.Social Committee

This committee shall plan and over-see all social gatherings.

It may be subdivided into smaller groups for example:

Dinner Meeting, Theater, Luncheon, Party, Movie etc.

Refreshments for Speaker Meeting

C.Sign Language Group

D.Recreation Committee


This Committee will work to increase and support the membership. It will assist non-internet members by connecting them with

a buddy to keep them updated on all internet transmissions.


They will welcome all new members, enroll and introduce them to the membership.

Maintain and distribute “Newcomer’s Information” folder. Develop a mentoring team.

G.Advocacy Committee

Shall coordinate with the president in providing representation at pertinent public/state meetings.


I.Speakers Bureau