About Us…

Hearing loss is often described as an invisible disability. It can lower a person’s quality of life, and can have far-reaching psychological, physical and social consequences, especially if it is left untreated for any length of time.

The effect of hearing loss on day-to-day functioning is seen in activities of daily living at home, at work, and in social or business situations. For the hard of hearing, trying to keep up in conversations and overcoming the anxiety of being in any setting can be very stressful. Hearing loss can result in decreased efficiency at work, silence and withdrawal, avoiding social interactions, and strain on interpersonal relationships.

Donna Woods

Donna was first diagnosed with hearing loss and Meniere’s Disease 25 years ago. Her experience of hearing loss and treatment with hearing aids brings to you information per her personal observations. In recent years, Donna has gained experience with hearing assistive technology such as infrared and FM equipment. She also has utilized hearing aid telecoils for use with telephones and with loop systems. Donna is available for email, text, face to face discussions and group presentations.

Jeannie Taylor

Jeannie was born with progressive bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. The cause of this type of hearing loss or deafness lies within the inner ear. Although her loss is permanent, it was treatable with hearing aids. Having a life-long experience of living with hearing loss has resulted in accumulated knowledge and practical wisdom for encountering daily life according to Jeannie. She is a certified peer mentor for the Deaf and hard of hearing.