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Action Alert! Medicare Coverage Of Hearing Aids!

You may be aware that there is a movement afoot to expand Medicare to include hearing health care. That would mean for the first time, people who rely on Medicare to pay their medical bills would also be able to turn to Medicare to cover the cost of hearing aids and related services. The time has come to let your Senators and Congress members know that hearing health care matters! Please CLICK on the following link: Action Alert!

Walk4Hearing - Find A Walk HERE!:

Select a Walk4Hearing location you wish to register and attend. If there is no Walk in your area, join a Walk4Hearing location closest to you. The Walk is online this spring so you can participate from anywhere! Register HERE!

HLAA Hearing Life Summer 2021

In this issue of Hearing Life, we celebrate thirteen remarkable people who work tirelessly to educate, inspire and advocate for people with hearing loss. This issue is fully online, and open to all. For those of you who receive a mail copy, you will receive your copy soon. Please CLICK on the following link: Hearing Life Summer 2021

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Hearing Life E-News keeps readers up to date with the latest information on hearing loss: HLAA Hearing Life E-News


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Local chapters meet VIRTUALLY at present. See captioned video recordings here: Local Chapter Virtual Meeting Recordings

Survey on Improving the Health Care System - A Call To Action

Be part of the solution! Participate in research that investigates the impact of communication access on the quality of health care! The Johns Hopkins University Disability Health Research Center is seeking respondents who are age 60 or above, have age-related hearing loss and have seen a health care provider within the past two years to complete a 15-minute web survey on improving the way the health care system cares for your community. To learn more, please CLICK on the following link: Details

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Hearing Health E-Magazine - Spring 2021 Edition

Enjoy this Spring 2021 online edition of Hearing Health magazine. Please CLICK on the following link: Hearing Health

Save the Date! Cogswell-Macy Twitter Blast July 26-30, 2021

The Alice Cogswell and Anne Sullivan Macy Act (H.R. 1959 and S. 813) is continuing to gain new Congressional cosponsors, and we need to keep the momentum going! During the week of July 26-30 we will hold a #CogswellMacyAct Twitter Blast and we hope you will participate. Please CLICK on the following link: Cogswell-Macy

Read Linda bilodeau's Special Article: "Summer Living And Hearing Loss"

Linda has grappled with hearing loss since 1978. Through it all, she has faced denial, acceptance, curiosity, trust, and hope. She has felt annoyed, angry, and frightened. She has encountered despair, loneliness, and envy. She has experienced panic attacks. Does that all sound familiar to you? Over the years she has met understanding people, kind souls who have helped her a great deal and others who thought she had nothing short of an invisible plague.

As a way of coming to terms with her hearing loss, she decided to put her feelings about her disability down on paper. Her hope is to better understand herself. Perhaps you will find a little something in her meanderings that will help you, too!  Please CLICK on the following link to visit her new section, called "Meandering Through a Hearing World", and enjoy reading her new article for this month: 
Meandering Through A Hearing World

The Need To Provide Free Captioning For People With Hearing Loss When Using Videoconferencing Platforms

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, hearing health advocate Shari Eberts penned an open letter to video conferencing companies asking for free captioning services.The letter turned into a petition with 58,000 signatures and countless comments from people with hearing loss. Google and Microsoft both took their automatic speech recognition captions out from behind a paywall. But Zoom, the clear favorite platform to connect workplaces and loved ones during the pandemic, is lagging behind. Please CLICK on the following link: The Need To Provide Free Captioning

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