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Landmark International Consensus Paper Published on Cochlear Implant Treatment for Adult Hearing Loss: Click HERE!

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The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 this year!

The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 this year! We have come a long way over the years. But the campaign for rights for people with disabilities did not start or end in 1990. Likewise, the civil rights campaign did not start or end in 1964. A lot of advocacy work led up to these historic pieces of legislation, and a lot of work still remains today. Sorenson recognizes the role that Black Deaf Americans have had in both of those campaigns, past and present. Please CLICK on the following link to watch a small video (Special Thanks To: Glenn Anderson, Robert Davila, Gerry Gordon Brown, Ernest Hairston, Danayt Gafo, Rydrea Walker): Video

Note: This video is signed and captioned but has no sound

Read Linda bilodeau's Special Article: "Grief, Coronavirus, and Hearing Loss"

Linda has grappled with hearing loss since 1978. Through it all, she has faced denial, acceptance, curiosity, trust, and hope. She has felt annoyed, angry, and frightened. She has encountered despair, loneliness, and envy. She has experienced panic attacks. Does that all sound familiar to you? Over the years she has met understanding people, kind souls who have helped her a great deal and others who thought she had nothing short of an invisible plague.

As a way of coming to terms with her hearing loss, she decided to put her feelings about her disability down on paper. Her hope is to better understand herself. Perhaps you will find a little something in her meanderings that will help you, too!  Please CLICK on the following link to visit her new section, called "Meandering Through a Hearing World", and enjoy reading her new article for this month: 
Meandering Through A Hearing World

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